Kung Fu for Adults

Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese martial art and personal development system. Its roots date back thousands of years. Kung Fu encompasses many different systems. Each system develops the body and mind differently.

We begin our Kung Fu program with 5 Animal Kung Fu, which imparts the roots of martial arts including increased strength, discipline, vitality, respect and leadership. 5 Animal Kung Fu builds a stronger body both physically and mentally.

Children, adults and seniors are realizing the many benefits of consistent practice in this ancient art.

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Training at the Avondale Studio


Physicians endorse the United Martial Arts Program

Dr Keller
“20 months ago I was a boarder line diabetic, with high blood pressure on medication (my blood pressure was around 150/90), with very high cholesterol, feeling tired, achy, stressed and arguing with my family. I weighed 250 pounds, the heaviest that I have in my life. The bottom line was that I was very unhappy.

I went to United Martial Arts and started their Masters Path program on Dec 2005. Since then I lost 45 pounds, I am no longer on blood pressure meds with a baseline blood pressure of 120/60. My baseline heart rate dropped form 80 to 60 (the lowest ever), my cholesterol dropped 60 points and my good cholesterol went up 10 points, I am no longer a boarder line diabetic, my stress levels decreased, I rarely argue with my family, and my overall happiness has increased dramatically. I have been so impressed with the outcome that I now recommend their training program to my patients and both my kids (9 and 11) are training on the Black Belt programs.”

Michael R. Keller M.D., AZ Board Certified in Family Practice


Physicians endorse the United Martial Arts Program

“I’ve been with this organization since 1998. To date myself, I’ll tell you that I am 54 years old. I can also tell you that my health is as good as it’s ever been, even when I was a teenager. The reason being, because I’ve trained with United Martial Arts, I continue to train at least 4 or 5 times a week. As a physician, I can tell you that training has done a whole lot for my health development. As a physician, many people that I see all of the time are very sick … they can’t kneel down without pain. At my age, arthritis has set in, I know that, but when I kneel down, I look for the pain, and I don’t have any. I don’t have any because I train with United Martial Arts. Training for me has become the center part of my life.

For those of you who are viewing this, I will tell you that training will do a lot for you not only mentally, but physically. There is a saying that “strong minds cannot be housed in weak bodies.” I can tell you that if you work everyday at school, I can be sure that your mind is strong, now we need to bring your body along. Training will do that for you. There are many aspects of the training. We have kung fu, we have medical chi gong, we have tai chi, we have bagua, we have many things, and age is not an encumbrance? You can be of any age to train here. And I can assure you that after 6 months of training, you will see a difference.”

Dr. Howard Robinson, Certified Board Physician