Avondale Kids Kung Fu Testimonials

Improved Grades

jacobroshetto“I have ADHD and struggled in school. My UMA training has given me more focus and discipline. I am proud to report that this has helped my grades improve dramatically.”

Jacob Roshetto

Respectful & Focused

“Since beginning Black Belt training my children are more respectful and focused”

D. Jones – Mother Payton & Blake Jones, 9 Blue Belt Peoria, AZ

Personal Victory

jramirez“A personal victory for me was when I got my Green Belt. I feel more patient, especially in the class. I would tell people who are thinking about training here that it is a good class to go to.”

Jacob Ramirez, 9, Green Belt

Personal Victory

scarson“One of my victories from training at UMA is that I came in one day and didn’t feel good and after I was done training, I felt better and felt full of energy. I have been working on being nice toward my brother and since I started training, it hasn’t been hard anymore. I would say that training in UMA is a great pleasure and gives you a feeling of energy. Each time I leave I feel a little bit stronger than when I came in.”

Stacy Carson, 12


mparmenter“Training with my son has allowed me to watch him grow into a more confident and respectful young man. I believe my training at UMA is helping me to balance my many roles in life. The staff is very committed to our training, and will help you in achieving your personal goals.”

Mark Parmenter and son Grant Parmenter (5)

Life Skills


“UMA Black Belt training has provided Cydney a daily life skill. The Martial Arts that she has learned provide an outstanding foundation of focus, strength and commitment to any task given. As a 6 year old, the recent inception into the CIT program has provided instant leadership from peers, invaluable experiences that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to see her achieve her black belt in the upcoming years and develop into an amazing young lady with excellent martial arts skills that will serve her in all that she does for her lifetime.”

Mrs. Owens (Cydney, 6 years old)

Positive Attitude


“Since my children have been training on the Black Belt training w/ UMA we have noticed increased self-esteem and confidence. Their ability to focus at school has improved and they also maintain a more positive attitude about life. They are truly proud of what they have learned and overall Korban and Konnor have grown stronger physically and mentally. Thanks UMA!”

Jenny Maloney Korban & Konnor

Respect & Self-Esteem


“As a single parent UMA has provided my son and I a place to bond and train together, a once in a life time experience. As a female in Law Enforcement I must keep in top physical condition, I must also be confident, disciplined & focused. UMA helps me maintain this. As for my son UMA has taught him on a deeper level respect, focus and self-esteem. All important tools needed to be successful in anything in life.”

Detective Rachel Passeri

Clarity & Focus


“Before I came here, I would get up in the morning and my joints were frozen. Now after two years of training I feel in better health than when I was thirty-five or forty years old. Initially, I did not know how I was going to afford to pay to earn my Black Belt. Today if the choice was between putting bread on my table or paying to improve my health, I’d go without bread just to be able to maintain this quality of life! ~ David Wiser – 52, Phoenix, AZ Now I am stronger both physically and mentally. When I began I could only do one push up; now I start my day with 25 push ups and sit ups just to get me going. Mental strength taught me to have more self confidence and respect for others, which has helped me all the way around, even with my mental clarity and focus.”

Dillon Wiser, 17

Train & Have Fun


“I love United Martial Arts! It’s changed my life in so many ways I can’t even imagine. It’s sweet being able to train with your peers and have fun at the same time. I feel great! I think the training has affected the lives around me in a way that I can’t describe. Everyone self-reflects off your attitude. It is a great place to train. Take my word for it. There are so many great outstanding people. You won’t regret it. ~ Sandra Belmontez, 14, 2nd Degree Black Belt, Certified Junior Instructor One very big victory would have to be that Sandra is able to lead a class. Sandra’s training at UMA has been only positive. She always has a positive attitude on everything. I have noticed that she feels confident and empowered in many areas of her life.”

Ms. Belmontez



“Since my daughter started Masters Path training at UMA she is more confident (not that shy), she is able to pay more attention while doing her homework (focus), and most important self-control. She just loves training at UMA and I love the changes in her. Thank you all.”

Lia Richardson (Megan, 8 years old)